PhD Students Attend Hearing at KIU.

On 19th February 2020, the Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research at Kampala International University conducted a hearing for the postgraduate students under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in the Department of  Development, Peace, and Conflict Studies.

The purpose of the hearing was to have the postgraduate students present In their work In progress and proposals. The Doctorate meeting was held for the team to deliberate ways to ensure the hearing was a success.

According to Dr. Susan Nambatya, Head of Department Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, there were three students who presented, two of whom presented work in progress, and the other presented a proposal.

Dr. Susan stated that PhD students needed to be encouraged. 

"Hearing is not for criticism, but rather to encourage and guide you throughout the course of your research. This will enable you have quality research," she said.

She also applauded the university for recruiting competent staff and argued other colleges to come and witness the good work College of Humanities is doing with the input of the commendable Doctorate Committee.

Timothy Tut, one of the students who presented his work in progress under the topic "Ethnic Conflicts In South Sudan" said that he was a bit nervous prior to his presentation, but immediately settled in since all questions asked were within the scope of his research.

He advises all PhD Students and those planning to pursue PhD to always be confident.

“Never be afraid when it comes to presentation because, through that, you are able to note down the key areas that you could have made mistakes thus enabling you to come up with very great research,” he said.